Sisters Journeying Together with the United Nations to Celebrate International Day of The Girl Child – October 11, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Regina C. Hall Founder/Visionary 248-648-1733 Farmington Hills, MI – August 20, 2022 – Regina C. Hall, Founder/Organizer of Sisters Journeying Together will join the United Nations to celebrate International Day of The Girl Child – this year’s theme is “Empowered Girls Grow Up to Be Empowered Women.” On December […]

Do this today to repurpose content in your digital library

Captain America is Good for Business; here’s why… Today’s tips will help you quickly repurpose content in your digital library. The following content was originally published on my blog in 2018. It has been republished three times. First on @tishahammond. Then, on LinkedIn as an ‘Article.’ Three times a charm with this edition as […]

Why you’re suddenly hearing so much about EPK’s

Show off your a$$ets to the music industry whether you have a signed deal or not. So, you think you can sing…better yet, you know YOU CAN SANG. If you catch my drift, keep reading to learn how to accelerate your music career, grow your fan base, sell out faster and more often, and share […]

Oh, What a Night! Leadership in Action Awards

Originally created for Career Mastered Magazine, Summer 2022 by Tisha Hammond If there’s anyone who celebrates women and Women’s History Month, it’s Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker, Founder of Linwick & Associates and Career Mastered. Shattering capacity limits and glass ceilings, Dr. Lisa Wicker highlights extraordinary women who continue to make strides that will inspire generations to come. […]

Dismantling Dilemmas — MEN & Their Masks

Dr. Eddie Connor unmasks masculinity…and holds nothing back. Women, there’s plenty in it for you too…keep reading, Sis. Some of us associate the month of June with cheers of jubilee for those who have survived cancer, along with sharing inspiration for those diagnosed with cancer. Enough of us readers understand the association of the month […]