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You don’t get what you wish for. You get what you work for. Do you want to see your name in lights? Are you ready for the press to start mentioning your products? Do you want to see some more money flowing in for the great ideas and messages that you’ve been talking about?

Great; then it’s time to influence what the media thinks about you and get them excited about interviewing you next. That takes a communications strategy. Here’s a glimpse of what AMP Network does to get your name to show up out front & in the news:

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Most Frequently Requested Services

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[1] Organize Media Kits

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[2] Distribute Press Releases

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[3] Arrange Media Interviews

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Media Consultants

We work with social networks, news outlets, TV, radio and podcast hosts, reporters and publication editors to ensure that you have access to their opportunities and their audiences.

Publicity Consultants

We shape the social messaging and promote individuals, teams, and organizations as Influencers, Creators, Thought Leaders, and Authoritie

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. AMP Network does not require that you have any particular size budget when creating your Ad.

If you want to gain more sales, new customers, and share new and improved product or service details, an Ad can carry your message farther and faster than keeping that news to yourself.

We can help you design your Ad based on your goal. Informational is a good start. We also want you to know about influential and persuasive advertisement opportunities. We are here to help as you make that decision.

We appreciate time zone differences. Our clients are across the globe and we understand the need for accommodating meeting times. Contact our Customer Success team (Contact Us or mail to [email protected]) using the subject line ‘Flexible scheduling needed’ and let’s make this meeting happen.

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