Ascent Media Production Network is dedicated to helping people understand the world through on-the-ground, expert, and deeply reported independent journalism.

Ascent Media Production (AMP) Network is the preferred broadcast, distribution, and media relations team for women, entrepreneurs, and organizations that embody a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We specialize in positive and mass communication, copywriting, marketing, and media relations. We are creatives and storytellers who equip our clients to grow their presence across our network of 1 Million+ reporters, journalists, and influencers.

AMP Network is the media and creative advisory unit of Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC. We are a woman-run company emphasizing the spread of good news worldwide since January 2015. We impart our influence to convert clients into newsmakers who make the headlines that others read about. Our expert instructors prepare our clients with sound bites, media interview techniques, keynote speeches, and more to get them ready for their spotlight.

Office Trainee. Black woman talking on cellphone and taking notes at workplace
Muslim woman speaker

Mission, Value, Vision

Our mission is that AMP Network we celebrate the growing joys and pains of entrepreneurs, and we share their stories through media platforms.  We re-imagine how entrepreneurs, storytellers, and emerging speakers show up and step into their spotlight. We inspire their resourcefulness, innovation, curiosity, and hunger (R.I.C.H.).

We demonstrate RICHness daily. 

Our vision is to become a productive, equipped and highly acclaimed media production/ distribution company.  We strive to use our media influence to move individuals and organizations with the entrepreneurial spirit from poor to RICH.

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